Jury – 2019 edition

Paolo Fioratti – Chairman

Internationally renowned nature photographer and documentary film maker.
Creator, editor and director of Oasis and Itinerari e Luoghi magazines; founder and honorary President of AFNI (Italian Nature Photographers Association).

Piero D’Orto

Professional photographer. www.pierodorto.com
Master of the prestigious Nikon School Travel. Organizes photography travels and expeditions all over the world.

Marco Colombo

Naturalist, photographer and science communicator. www.calosoma.it
Awarded in various international competitions, among which Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Enzo Massa Micon

Representative of Gran Paradiso National Park. www.pngp.it
Photographer and organizer of nature photography workshops. He leads courses and photographic trips.

Enrico Romanzi

Representative of director of “Promozione e Progetti europei per lo Sviluppo del Settore turistico” structure – Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta. www.regione.vda.it
Photographer of the outdoor: FIAF expert photographic audiovisuals.