Winning authors – 2019 edition

Section A – Tales of alpine nature

Absolute winner

Bertrand Muffat-Joly

An agent at the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife in France. I started my photographic activity with digiscoping. Since 2006, I purchased a reflex and a zoom, which I always keep in my backpack to capture stealthy encounters, capture particular atmospheres and tell human stories. I am committed to produce “militant” images that show the precariousness of mountain wildlife respect to the impact of human activities (disturbance, loss of habitat, hunting).

Theme 1 – Small is beautiful: microcosms of the Alps

1st Place

Leo Gayola

Professional photographer and mountain guide. Photography instructor and organizer of internships and photographic tours to the mountains and elsewhere. My photographic work has been awarded several times in recent years in famous photography festivals in France and abroad. I published 3 books on the Alps: “Alpes secrètes”, “Les 100 merveilles des Hautes-Alpes” and “Mountain Dreams, rêves de montagne”, recently awarded at the International Mountain Book Fair in Passy, Chamonix-Mont Blanc.

2nd Place

Fabien Greban

Since my debut in 2005, I decided to devote my photographic activity to the valorization of the Jura massif in France. I hope to increase awareness of the beauty and fragility of the environment so close to us. Professional photographer since 2012, my images have been published in various magazines. I organize photography courses, conferences, I write articles for the press and publish books.

Theme 2 – The mountain that changes: evolving elements of the alpine landscape

1st Place

Fabrizio Moglia

A naturalist and photographer since childhood. I spent a lot of time abroad for photography; I am interested in mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects, flowers and mushrooms or everything that is about nature. In recent years, I preferred local natural locations with an in-depth study of the Italian territory and its animals. I take my photos a few miles from home. I cooperated with numerous national and international magazines and won numerous competitions. My works have been displayed in Italy and abroad.

2nd Place

Giandra De Castro

I learned the magic of photography thanks to my Italian father-in-law, a poet and photographer in black and white. For 5 years, photography has been my dominant passion. For 3 years, I dedicated more than 1,000 hours to the project “Speaker for the Water” which explores water reflections. I photograph daydreams, old worlds that disappeared, possible worlds that do not hold in reality.

Theme 3 – The return: vultures and large carnivores in the Alps

1st Place

Fabien Dubessy

A trained naturalist-ornithologist and a professional photographer and trainer, I love to share a personal vision of nature through photographs. I am particularly passionate about clean images where the subjects are no longer necessarily identifiable and I long for more and more creative photos.

2nd Place

Massimo Arcaro

Born and grown up in Valle d’Aosta, I started photographing in the seventies when my dad used to accompany me on my first tours of the mountains. In recent years, photography has become my main passion and as soon as I can I dedicate myself to this activity, which allows me to combine my passion for the mountains with that for the observation of nature.

Section B – The Seasons in the Mont Avic Natural Park

1st Place

Daniele Bariviera

In 2009, with my first Reflex, I approached photography with the aim of capturing every beautiful thing Mother Nature has given us. I love the Italian fauna and avi-fauna, which is often “trampled” and disfigured: I hope with my photos to give voice to the awareness of environmental protection. A thought of mine: “We are the environment in which we live … but also what causes most damage to it. My most beautiful photographic encounter? The one that has yet to happen…

2nd Place

Roberto Vallet

People say “take a photo”, they talk about “stolen images”. Nothing like that. I do not take, I do not steal, I watch, sometimes I take a photo then I go away and I come back the next day. And like a good passing guest, I often stop just for a greeting, so as not to make the hosts waste precious time and not to make them run useless risks.
I love “my” mountain and its inhabitants, apparently vulnerable, majestically strong, usually discreet, always wonderful.

3rd Place

Davide Biagi

Born in Milan, I was passionate about photography at the time of high school, experimenting in the subsequent years in various styles. Since 2014, I have been choosing to specialize in nature photography, following workshops and photographic tours with the great masters of the genre. To date, I have been awarded several prizes in national and international competitions, exhibitions in art galleries and cooperations with magazines. Recently, I have been living in Trentino, guided by my love for nature, and I organize workshops on Alpe Cimbra.